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When you're searching for weight loss methods from the internet, you are bound to come across tons of information. With all the information displayed in front of you, you're not so sure which ones are real and which ones are not. In fact, it might even push you to just give up especially if what you've been following didn't work out well for you.

You need to at least know which of the information you've read are myths so that you can avoid them the next time you see an article talking about it. So, here are some of the common weight loss myths that you need to be aware of from your Vacaville doctors.


  • Losing weight is a linear process - Some people think that losing weight is a linear process, where in fact, it is not. There are days where you lose weight, but there are also days where you gain a bit. If this has happened to you, there's no need to be alarmed by it. Your bodyweight normally fluctuates up and down by a few pounds.
    • For example, you might be carrying more food or water in your digestive system more than usual. This storage that your body makes could make it gain a bit. It's even more pronounced in women especially during their menstrual cycle since their water weight can fluctuate significantly. Just keep in mind that as long as the general trend for your weight is going downwards, no matter how many times it fluctuates, you're going to be successful in losing those extra pounds.
  • Supplements can help you lose weight - The weight loss supplement industry is huge since becoming fit is such a trend nowadays. These companies claim that their product can deliver the intended results, but some studies show that some are rarely effective.
    • The reason why some people are getting the desired results from these supplements is because of the placebo effect. These companies put out encouraging marketing tactics to help people lose weight, which makes them even more conscious of what they eat.
    • There are only a few products that can deliver modest effects on weight loss. The best ones can help you reduce only a small amount on the span of several months.
  • Eat less, move more - The stored energy inside us produces body fat. To lose these fats, the calories you burn should be more than what you consume. This is the reason why some people think that eating less and moving more could make them lose weight.
    • In theory, this advice works especially if you're considering a permanent lifestyle change. However, it's not the same for people who have a serious weight problem.
    • Some people who follow this method may end up regaining their lost weight due to biochemical and physiological factors. To sustain any changes, it must be dependent on the individual's behavior on their diet and exercise. This means that reduced food intake and enhanced physical activity isn't enough.
  • Consuming carbs will make you fat - Fat contains 9 calories per gram, while carbs or protein contains 4 calories per gram. Fat is very calorie-dense, and it are used in junk foods. However, if you retain your calorie intake within a healthy range, fat won't make you gain weight at all.
    • There are high-fat, low-carb diets that show promising results for weight loss. Even though some people dislike the thought of including fat in their diet, its healthy variation is actually needed by the body to function properly.
  • Fast food will make you fat - There are some fast foods that are actually healthy. With the increasing number of people becoming conscious about their health, some fast-food chains start to include healthier options on their menu.
    • You can now start ordering healthy food options from most restaurants. These foods are even great, healthier alternatives to their main offerings. Even though these foods won't satisfy their health-conscious customers, they're still a better choice especially if you don't have time to prepare a healthy meal.
  • Diet foods can help you lose weight - You can see some fast foods advertised as healthy options. This includes fat-free, low-fat, and processed gluten-free foods, and even high-sugar beverages.
    • With these claims, you should be skeptical especially when it's displayed on their packaging, particularly on processed items. These labels are there to deceive you, but once you look at its content, it's actually laced with unhealthy ingredients.
    • These junk food marketers will do whatever they can to encourage people to buy their fattening products. So, the more their packaging claims that they're healthy, you should expect that they may even be the exact opposite.

Hopefully, these myths that you've come across during your weight loss journey will no longer deceive you. It should give you an idea of which philosophies to follow especially if you're starting to have doubts regarding that information. If you want, you can also get a weight loss coach to guide you through your journey. Dr. Alex Tam of Vacaville Weight Loss is a good coach and expert on this topic so you should give his clinic a try.


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