Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals for 2019

Weight Loss Consultant Alex Tam of Vacaville Weight Loss wants to help you stay accountable to your weight loss goals.

It's no surprise that some of us has 2019 goals of achieving a great shape for their body.

Every holiday season, counting calories is not in the mind of everyone considering that it's the time for celebration and parties. After a few of those booze-laden karaoke sessions and cookie-laden office parties will surely make you think that losing weight will be a great new year's resolution. This is not a bad thing at all since 70% of adults in the U.S. are overweight or obese and 45% of them makes weight loss as one of their top new year's resolutions.

If the type of diet is the first thing you think about when pursuing your weight loss goals, then you're doing it wrong. The problem with this is that fad diets won't promise you long-term results. According to research, we sometimes put on more weight back compared to what we started with. If that is the case, then all your struggles and sacrifices will be for nothing.

So if you want to be successful on your weight loss goals this 2019, don't simply focus on diet alone. There are strategies that you can do to make the results worthwhile and satisfying.

Vacaville Weight Loss Consultant Provides Strategies To Stay On Track Of Your Weight Loss Goals

  1. Set smart goals - You should know that you won't win big on your first try. If your goal is to drop 50lbs on January 1 with not defined checkpoints, there's a chance that you'll miss out on some small victories that happened as you go along your way. If your "main goal" didn't happen, you'll feel discouraged and it could be the reason why you'll stop pursuing it. To prevent that from happening, think of smaller yet achievable goals like losing a pound per week. If you continue doing that and add it up, you'll lose 50lbs in a year!

    Another thing that you can do is to not always tie your goals to weight loss itself. You should also put some focus on actionable habits such as doing 4 workouts per week or taking the stairs to get to your office on the 3rd floor. When you integrate these healthy routines into your lifestyle, you'll soon see the numbers on the scale shift on the direction you intended. So set your goals the right way to avoid feeling discouraged and become satisfied with the steps that you've taken.

  2. Don't count calories - This is something that people should take note, always! Instead of calories, people should focus on the foods that they're eating. People should be more aware of the foods that they're buying, cooking, and eating. This approach is more efficient instead of simply counting on your calorie intake. So make sure to be mindful of your food's quality since it will make a difference on your weight loss.

  3. Get up and out - Some people always find a way to make an excuse of not going outside which is a bad habit to practice when you're trying to lose weight. If that is you for most of the time, stop doing that right away. Make it a regular habit to walk outside for 10 minutes in every hour. If you're always cooped up inside, there's a chance that you'll instinctively walk into the kitchen. The great thing about taking a walk outdoors is that you'll reduce your stress and you'll shift your mindset to more movement. This is a great way to also disrupt your usual unhealthy routine and you'll have better distinction on whether you're hungry or just feeling useless.

  4. Cut off sugar - According to a study, adults in the U.S. get the 13% of their daily calorie intake from added sugars. Some people avoid sugar entirely but have no idea that the foods they're consuming actually has some sugar content hiding in there. However, cutting sugar totally from your diet isn't going to be that easy. Even if you do it, you should know that your cravings will become stronger than ever. These cravings may go away after some time but there's just no exact time on when it will happen. Once you conquer those cravings, your mood becomes better and you'll be proud of what it did for your body.

  5. Eat more greens - Vegetables are king when it comes to health and it goes the same for your weight loss. If you eat more greens during your process, you will see sustainable weight loss. Some people fall short of the kind of vegetables that they're eating which can be the reason why they're not losing enough weight.

    Keep in mind that there are tons of vegetables that you can munch into apart from the usual kale, lettuce, and spinach. You can also dive into broccoli, bok choy, endive, and Swiss chard for your weight loss diet. Trying out other kinds of vegetables is another great way of achieving a New Year's resolution of eating new foods.

Hopefully, your 2019 weight loss goals will be successful just the way you intend it to be. These steps are a great way to start and will serve as a reliable guide on your journey. Just be patient and you will soon see the results of your hard work pay off.

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