Top 5 Tips to Burn Belly Fat

If you have belly fat in Vacaville, you will be bothered by the tightness it makes on your clothes. But apart from the discomfort, having it can may indicate a sign of unhealthiness.

Having this type of fat can put you at risk for major health conditions such as heart disease, type 2 disease, and many more. Health organizations use the Body Mass Index (BMI) as a way to classify the weight and find out if someone is at risk for a metabolic disease.

However, it can be misleading at times because individuals who have excess belly fat are still at risk even if they're looking thin on the outside.

So with all the uncertainties you're putting your health with this belly fat, it's time that you find some ways to put a stop to it and decrease its size. To start, check out these tips that can help you get rid of that excess belly fat from your body.

Tips to Get Rid of Excess Belly Fat in Vacaville CA

  1. Eat a protein-rich diet - Protein is an important nutrient for weight control. If you're eating loads of protein, it will enhance the release of the fullness hormone known as PYY which is responsible for making you feel full and in decreasing your appetite. This nutrient can also raise your metabolic rate and help maintain your muscle mass even if you're losing weight. According to observational studies, individuals who are eating lots of protein may have lesser abdominal fat compared to those who are on a low-protein diet. So it's best to include some good protein source to your every meal such as beans, dairy, eggs, fish, meat, or whey protein.

  2. Avoid sugary foods - Sugar contains fructose wherein it has something to do with several chronic diseases especially when eaten in excess. These diseases include obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and fatty liver disease. There's no doubt that your increased abdominal fat may be caused by a high sugar intake. You should also know that not only refined sugar is guilty for your belly fat gain but also healthy sugars like real honey as well.

  3. Replace cooking fats with coconut oil - Coconut oil is a healthy fat that is okay to eat. The medium-chain fats found in coconut oil can boost metabolism and reduce that fat you store in response to the high calorie intake. In fact, it may even help get rid of your abdominal fat. In one study, obese men who consumed coconut oil for a 12-week period have lost an average of 1.1 inches from their waist without making any changes to their diets or exercise routines. For a better belly fat reduction, it's recommended to take 2 tablespoons of coconut oil each day. You should take note though that coconut oil is also high in calories. So instead of adding this fat to your diet, just replace some fats you're eating with coconut oil.

  4. Monitor your food intake and exercise - There are numerous ways to lose weight and get rid of belly fat but another key factor for weight maintenance is by consuming fewer calories than what your body requires. It's recommended that you have a food diary to help monitor your calorie intake. This may not sound mind blowing to you but doing this can be beneficial for your weight loss. You can also equip yourself with some food-tracking tools to find out how much carbs, fiber, protein, and micronutrients you have consumed so far. Some of these tools also allows you to keep track of your exercise and physical activity which makes it even more convenient for you.

  5. Stop drinking fruit juice - Even though that fruit juice has most of the vitamins and minerals you need, it can also have equal sugar content to that of soda and other sweetened beverages. In fact, drinking this beverage in high amounts can even contribute more to your belly fat. Even an 8oz unsweetened apple juice can have 24g of sugar wherein half of it is fructose. So if your ultimate goal is to get rid of the excess belly fat, you can replace your fruit juice with water or if you want it more interesting, try sparkling water with a wedge of lime or lemon.

So, there you have it. Getting rid of that belly fat is not rocket science. All it takes is some discipline and self-control and you'll achieve that flat tummy in no time. Call our team at Vacaville Weight Loss in Vacaville today to schedule an appointment.


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