What Causes Obesity in Children in Vacaville

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In the US, 1/3 of the children there are overweight or obese, and their numbers are continually rising. Unlike adults, children have fewer medical and weight-related health problems. However, overweight children are at risk of also being overweight when they become adults, which could cause some serious health problems like diabetes and heart disease in the future. They're also prone to develop sadness, stress, and low self-esteem.

Causes of obesity in children in Vacaville

There are a variety of reasons why children are becoming overweight or obese. The most common ones are genetic factors, unhealthy eating patterns, lack of physical activity, or a combination of any of these factors. There are rare cases where being overweight is caused by a medical condition. For a medical condition to be ruled out as the cause of obesity, the person should undergo a physical exam and some blood tests.

Even though weight problems run in the family, not all children are prone to also become overweight. It can sometimes depend on shared family behaviors such as eating and activity behaviors.

A children's diet and activity level can determine the kind of weight they're going to have. In today's time, a lot of children are becoming more inactive and prefer to have fun on their smartphones and tablets instead. There's no doubt that the introduction of modern age has made children less active and spend most of their time indoors.

Obese children are at risk for several diseases

There are several conditions that will put the health of obese children at risk, which includes the following:

  • Diabetes
  • Bone problems
  • High cholesterol
  • Skin condition
  • Early heart disease
  • High blood pressure

How do you know if your child is overweight?

If your child is overweight, you should tell him or her that you will always be supportive. Your feeling as a parent will have a huge impact on your children's feelings. If you accept whatever weight they have, then it will make them feel good about themselves. It's also best if you talk to your children about their weight so that they can share any concerns that they may have.

Parents shouldn't set their children apart because of their weight difference. It is their job to start changing their family's eating habits and physical activities. When the whole family is involved, everyone will know about healthful habits and your overweight child won't feel so left out.

How to involve your family in healthful habits

You can change your entire family's eating habits in many ways, but it's important that you also increase their level of physical activity. It can be accomplished through the following methods:

  • Plan out family activities like biking, exercise, swimming, or simply walking. These will make your children be more involved in physical activities as they grow up.
  • Be an example to them by showing that you're physically active and are having fun while doing it. This can provide an influence on them and may even make them join in on what you do.
  • Spend less time doing sedentary activities like watching TV or playing video games. These habits will make them enjoy physical activities less and just prefer to lay down on the couch instead.
  • Some children are uncomfortable in participating in certain activities. You should help them find their ideal physical activity and one that will make them enjoy instead of feeling embarrassed.

Whatever approach you have for your overweight child, it's best that they find enjoyment in the process. Once they become accustomed to these activities, they will continue practicing it and may make some significant progress along the way.

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