Healthy Alternative For Alcoholic and Sugary Drinks


If you decide to have one or two alcoholic drinks to pass the time, there's a tendency that it will lead to a slippery slope of having more than intended. Learn about some healthy alternatives to consuming alcoholic or sugary drinks in Vacaville.

Having an excess consumption of alcohol can even lead to nibbling or over-eating of unhealthy or junk foods. The worst thing about adding alcohol beverages to the mix is that they don't provide much nutrition and they are often mixed with sugary fizzy drinks.

Of course, alcohol is best enjoyed when you're doing it for social purposes and is consumed in moderation but overdoing it can be no good especially if you drink a considerable amount of it every week. Here are some facts for you to know about this beverage so that you may think twice if you drink more than a bottle or two:

  • It goes to your liver immediately for metabolism, taking precedence over food.
  • Alcohol contains 7 calories per gram and has a high sugar content.
  • It can interfere with the efficiency of fat metabolism, which may lead to fatty liver disease.
  • Our body doesn't only react to drinking excessively over the years but also to short-term over consumption.

Even when alcohol is only consumed in short-term, it can still lead to risks of overeating, poor judgement, and a thirst for drinking even more alcohol.

When you drink too much the other night, you are sure to experience headaches, hangovers, fatigue, heartburn, nausea, lethargy, fatigue, and a feeling of melancholy the next day. In turn, it can cause to overeat and even feel too tired to exercise.

Long-Term Potential Risks

It's obvious that being a long-term alcohol drinker won't do you any good. This habit can lead to potential health risks such as addiction, gout, hypoglycemia, obesity, ulcers, emotional problems, heart disease, poor immunity, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and nerve & brain dysfunction. The worse part about it is that it can put your life in danger when you'll be driving after your drinking session.

Possible Benefits of Drinking Alcohol

With all the negativities that alcohol can bring into your life, let's try looking at some of the positives as well. Alcohol can be enjoyed when consumed in moderation since it won't make you do unthinkable stuffs and can even be a bit harmless. The reported health benefits of alcohol are stress relief, blood flow improvement, and can even lessen the progression of heart disease since it slightly increases the HDL (good) cholesterol.

Alternatives to Alcoholic or Sugary Drinks in Vacaville CA

Vacaville Weight Loss in Vacaville suggests 5 to 7 units a week for ladies wherein 1 unit being a 250ml beer, 25ml of spirits, or 125ml glass of wine.

If you want to avoid excessive drinking, make sure to commit to a number before you even begin. You must focus on the main subject of the occasion, make an opportunity to catch up with friends, or start a conversation with someone new. This may help take your mind off from drinking too much alcohol.

When the time comes that social drinking can become a concern, you can visit online sources that can support and prevent you from consuming too much alcohol. You can go to websites like to help you on this one.

You can also commit yourself to a "dry mouth" so that you'll be reminded that alcohol isn't only your social focus. Try donating to a charity and make it your motivating factor. This will make you feel better especially with the achievements and puts you back in control of the game.


  • Try slipping slowly on your alcoholic beverage and alternate it with water.
  • Make sure to not drink when on an empty stomach.
  • Don't make alcohol the center of the occasion. Keep in mind to socialize, laugh, converse, and even flirt!
  • You can try to come up with a mental note beforehand of what you feel is reasonable to enjoy.
  • Make sure to eat some carbs, fat, and protein before drinking because they can help delay the absorption.
  • You can find a purpose to prevent overindulging. For example, plan an activity for the next morning so that you will have a reason to keep yourself from overdrinking.
  • Don't top up on your drink until you're finished with your current glass. This is a helpful technique in making you keep track on how much you've already drank so far.
  • You can try drinking some spitzers (wine with soda water), or some good quality low-alcohol beers.
  • When you're on a holiday, try finding some activities to do during the day so that you can avoid the late afternoon happy hour.

Healthy Alternatives

From mixers to sugary fruit juices, these drinks have nothing to contribute to the betterment of your health. There are always healthy alternatives to every foods and beverages that you can enjoy without worrying about any potential health risks.

Having a glass of wine is a healthy alternative because it contains the antioxidant resveratrol but make sure to plan your consumption and only indulge it with some limits set. When you're drinking alcoholic beverages, avoid overdoing it by adding some sugar or nasty additives just to make it 'fun'. These kinds of beverages are unhealthy to begin with and adding such things will only make it worse.

Some best examples of refreshing summer drinks are the flavored water kefir, infused sparkling water, or iced coconut water with pureed herbs or fruit. You can try these out and it may quench your thirst for some alcoholic drinks.

Water Infusions

If you'd like to make your water more exciting and avoid your cravings for that unhealthy cocktail, you can try satisfying yourself with these water infusions:

  • Pre-soaked dried fruits puréed with soda water and a bit of orange juice
  • Fresh strawberries puréed with water, sea salt, and coconut water
  • Mango or banana puréed with some coconut water, sea salt, and fruit juice

So, it's important to remember that alcohol isn't the only answer to make things more interesting. There sure are plenty of things that you can do to prevent yourself from drinking too much of this unhealthy drink.

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