Diet during Weekdays and Binge-Watching During Weekends

Diet during Weekdays and Binge-Watching During Weekends in Vacaville

Ladies young and old could do some serious damage to their health if they maintain a strict diet during the week but binge during weekends.

According to research, the "feast or famine" culture that's being adapted by most young women aging 18 to 40 years old restrict their diet throughout the week, only to break that by overindulging during weekends on alcohol and junk foods.

The survey has also shown that Mondays is when women consume the least, wherein it's usually 1,000 calories during that day. There's even some who only sticks to a dangerously low-calorie intake of just 500 calories a day from Monday to Thursday.

But, during a typical weekend, they break that habit by consuming an average of 3,000 calories on those days. Some would even go beyond by eating 4,000 calories or more on a Saturday or Sunday.

Alcohol has made them consume more than three-fold during the weekend. On a weeknight, alcohol consumption is limited to less than 1 drink while a weekend evening would rise to 3 drinks.

How bingeing can cause sugar levels to spike

It's a common tradition for most of us to find the time during the weekend to sit back, relax, enjoy some indulgence, and catch up with friends. But there are times that it can mean too much of a good thing.

If every weekend you overindulge in junk food calorie, alcohol intake, and refined carbohydrate, then you are simply overloading your system with sugar. This will result in your body to work overtime just to deal with the spike in blood glucose levels and storing any excess for future use. The increase in blood glucose levels will cause the body to release the hormone known as insulin, which takes out sugar from the bloodstream and into the cells so that it can be used as energy.

This means that consuming a lot of sugar-laden foods can result in a surge of energy but the responding 'dip' when insulin takes out the sugar from the blood is always lower. The dangerous cycle can lead to weight gain and even some health issues.

Insulin is known to be a very powerful hormone and it does well on its job, but there will come a time that you will build up resistance. This is the time when your body will require more and more insulin for it to work effectively. If this goes on, insulin resistance can lead up to type 2 diabetes and other serious health problems. So, it's important to seek out professional help like Vacaville Weight Loss to sort this out before it gets any worse.

Our bodies can function better if it's being fed with a varied diet of essential fat, lean protein, and fresh vegetables where they all provide a rich supply of vitamins and minerals.

Weekend treats can mess up your gut bacteria

There's another reason why binge-eating is not good because it can affect the bacteria in our gut.

Gut bacteria - known as microbiome - can influence the weight and the risk of many health problems such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and inflammatory bowel conditions. If you constantly cycle between eating right during the week and bingeing on junk foods over the weekend, it can be bad for your gut since you're indulging on a consistent diet of junk.

This study was tested on rats that are following this vicious eating cycle and the results are no different from rats who were constantly fed with a diet of junk.

The junk food diet also reduces the abundance of microbial species that metabolizes flavonoids, which are compounds that assists in weight loss and also protects the brain. If this phenomenon happens to humans, the weeklong good diet can be easily undone by all that junk food over the weekend.

How over-indulging can cause guilt and tiredness

Women who indulge in a weekend of excess have felt tired and ill in dealing with the busy week ahead.

The reason for this 'binge' is triggered by a stressful week at work, a Friday takeaway, office cakes and treats, and a Saturday morning consisting of fried foods or a bacon sandwich. This habit has made women confess that they gave in to the weekend guilt of overconsuming foods and alcohol. But there are those who wished they were more moderate with their indulgences and health habits.

There's no doubt that the working week can be long and tiresome. But if you don't make up for it with a consistently healthy and balanced diet, then your energy levels will suffer since you're not getting the necessary vitamins and minerals for your body to function properly.

It's also worth noting that apart from eating healthy, a good rest and regular exercise can make it easier to maintain the energy levels and reduce fatigue and tiredness. If you can't acquire iron requirements from dietary sources, you can also opt for natural food iron supplements.


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