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For most of us, Friday is the last day of the week and there's no doubt we'd like to celebrate it with a happy hour. Saturday comes next and it's a dinner out at your favorite restaurant while Sunday remains a home-cooked feast.

You may not realize it, but your weekends for unwinding can turn out to be a calorie-fest that easily topples your weeks' worth of healthy eating. When Monday comes, you check your weight on the scale and see that the needle has gone upwards. With that happening, you will be filled with regrets and you will feel all those weight loss efforts have gone down to nothing.

Our eating habits tend to change dramatically over the weekend, and we are all guilty of that. Apart from consuming calorie-dense foods, we also like to celebrate with alcoholic beverages wherein a combination of the two can become an easy recipe to gain weight.

By avoiding the weekend weight-gain trap, it doesn't mean that you have to ditch your Friday through Saturday treats. You can still enjoy your days off while also avoiding the weekend food frenzy. This will ensure that you can make the most out of your weekends without having to worry about weight gain anymore.

The Weekend Trap

According to research, weekend overeating can do a lot of damage to our diets.

The energy intake during the three-day weekend is huge compared to the four-day weekday, especially in many young adults. Americans age 19 to 50 years old consume an average of 115 more calories each day during the weekend compared to the other days of the week.

As you know, the weekends are those days where we don't eat much of the usual healthy foods. The 115 calorie per day is all due to our over consumption of fat and alcohol.

Even with that number, those extra calories don't necessarily have to be converted into fat. The key thing is that you burn more calories than you can consume. You need to find active ways to relax instead of just sitting in front of the TV or being sedentary after all that binge eating.

The reason why most weekends are like this is because people think that it's the time to recover and relax from the hectic work week. During these days, people should make an effort to become more active. They should find opportunities where they can increase their physical activity to take off those extra calories that have been consumed.

Physical activity is the obvious answer to battle weight gain but there are also other methods where you can overcome the weekend habit of overindulgence. You can also make a consultation with weight loss clinics like Vacaville Weight Loss to learn some effective methods on losing the extra pounds. In addition to that, you should also include the following:

  • Start your day out the right way - You should start your weekend by eating a healthy breakfast first. This will make you have less cravings during the remainder of the day and it will give you some good nutrition. So always find the time to come up with a healthy breakfast recipe so that you get to less.
  • Don't get hungry and save it later for a big dinner blowout - If you eat normally during the day, it won't backfire later on and won't cause you to have excessive cravings. Make sure to always have a bite to reduce your hunger levels and just enjoy some of the good food when you get to go out. Your day doesn't always have to end up in a big feast just because you've let yourself go hungry.
  • Eat slowly - Your brain will take 15 to 20 minutes to send signals to your stomach and realize that it's full. Make sure to take your time to chew all that food to ensure you give your brain enough time to process. There's no need to rush your food and you will thank yourself for it.
  • Savor your dining out experience - When eating good food, it's best to savor every bite instead of just overindulging in it. Some people forget that the whole experience of dining out is to enjoy the moment with friends and relaxing. It doesn't always have to be pigging out and finding out who ate the most. Just enjoy every moment and savor the bonding over the eating.
  • Have some soup - When ordering at a restaurant, it would be wise to order some soup. That should be the first thing you order and have the waiter come back when you're ready to add some entrée. This will make you order less food compared to ordering everything all at once. Not only that, it will save you some money in the process especially if you're dining out in a fancy restaurant.
  • Share your entrées - If you want to cut your calories, you should split your entrée with a friend. This wise and economic method is a great way to share the foods you're about to eat.
  • Do overdo it with alcohol - If you reduce 1 to 2 drinks of alcohol per day during the weekend, you will save yourself from gaining 100 to 150-plus calories. In fact, if you drink more, you will have a tendency to eat more as well. So, it's best to always drink alcohol with caution.
  • Share your dessert - Apart from entrées, your dessert is also something that you should think to split with your friend. You should be wary of the portion sizes of your dessert because the sugar it packs can also be huge. There's no need to deprive yourself of a delicious treat just as long as you get to share it with somebody else.
  • Think about your waistline - If possible, find tighter pants when going out on the weekend so that you can remind yourself of your constantly gaining waistline. This will also remind you that you have limitations on what to eat. Once you feel that it's getting tighter, you will realize that you've actually eaten too much.
  • Substitute soda with something else - If you find yourself thirsty, opt for a glass of water instead of a can of soda. Not only do these sugary beverages pack a lot of calories but it is also filled with fructose which is known for being an appetite stimulant.


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